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Allows you to tunnel your host through OpenVPN using Docker. Useful for CoreOS.
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platzhalter/openvpn Dockerfile

This repository contains the Dockerfile of OpenVPN for tunneling your host through OpenVPN in a docker container.

Base Image

I based my image on the Debian 8 Jessie image.


  1. Create a folder containing all your configuration files used by OpenVPN. It has to contain at least the vpn.conf-file Make sure you're using absolute filepaths when using included files (eg. certificates, keys) to make sure OpenVPN will always be able to parse your configs.
  2. Run it using docker run --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --device /dev/net/tun --net host -v /path/to/your/configuration/directory:/vpn --name vpn -d platzhalter/openvpn for tunneling your whole host network


  • If you are trying to tunnel just a docker container, use the implementation of dperson
  • I based my image on the instructions of Niels Grewe
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