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Use this to run a Tor proxy (and/or hidden services) in a Docker container.
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platzhalter/tor Dockerfile

This repository contains the Dockerfile of Tor for running a TOR client in a docker container.

Base Image

I based my image on the Debian 8 Jessie image.


  1. Create a folder containing your torrc file used by Tor. Make sure you're using absolute filepaths to make sure Tor will always be able to parse your configs.
  2. Run it doing: `docker run -p -v /path/to/your/configuration/directory:/tor -d platzhalter/tor

Hidden Services

  • Place your hidden service configuration in the same folder as your torrc
    • If you don't have those, nevermind, just let Tor generate them automatically.
  • Create a new network by doing docker network create --subnet=
    • (Of course you can use any subnet you want to use. Just make sure it's not used by anything else to avoid collision.)
  • From now on, you need to use the --net tor --ip flags when starting the Tor container.
  • Also, you need to configure all of your hidden services to use the same net by using the --net tor --ip 172.20.0.<somenumber> flags when starting them.
    • You don't need to expose their ports if you want them to be accessible via Tor only!
  • After that, configure your torrc as follows:

    HiddenServiceDir /tor/<servicename>
    HiddenServivePort <port> 172.20.0.<number>:<port>
    HiddenServicePort ........


  • You need at least Docker version 1.10.1 to assign static ip addresses to the machine.
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