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Play2lead build agent

Our build agent is based on buildkite-agent

Notable changes

  • Added perl for magic git-timestamp-trick
  • Install docker so that we can user docker inside docker
  • Add SSH keys as volume to the container
  • Add proxy of docker-login to build agent container
  • Mount /builds directory to avoid the issue with docker inside docker


Preparing host

This machine has been tested on CoreOS. Using other hosts might require extra magic.

  • Copy CI agent ssh key onto the machine to ~/.ssh/id_rsa
  • Login to docker on container with CI credentials so that it can push
  • Login to the host and run container in background(-d) as many times as you want.


bash -c "`curl -sL`"


bash -c "`curl -sL`"


To run it as a background daemon, add -d

To set agent meta-data set -e BUILDKITE_AGENT_META_DATA=key1=val1,key2=val2

To enable debug output set -e BUILDKITE_AGENT_DEBUG=true

To name the docker container (for easier management) use --name my-agent

To see all the env vars and options run: docker run play2lead/build-agent buildkite-agent start --help

And don't forget: because it's Docker, you can run as many parallel agents as your machine can handle.


To add hooks simply copy them into /hooks:
The base image includes Ubuntu, git, the agent, and little else. If you want to add hooks, ssh keys, etc. you can easily extend the base image.

FROM buildkite/agent

ADD hooks/* /hooks
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