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Slack music notifications from plex
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Before you begin

1. Find the identifier of the player you want to control.

  • In Plexamp, look for "user": "identifier" in config.json:

    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Plexamp/config.json.
    • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Plexamp\Plexamp\config.json.

2. Create a legacy slack token on this page.

3. Make sure you have Webhooks enabled in PMS.

  • SettingsServerNetwork (Show Advanced) → ☑️ Webhooks

Running the app

Option 1 — Deploy straight to Heroku

Option 2 — Run the app locally

  • Install node.js.
  • Clone the repository.
  • Install dependencies using npm install.
  • Run the app as follows:
    $ node index.js

Option 3 - Run the app in Docker

docker run \
  --name slack-music-notify \
  -p 10000:10000 \
  -d \

Configure the webhook

In your Plex account settings add a webhook pointing to where the app is running.

  • If you used the Heroku deployment button the URL would look like https://<my-heroku-app>
  • If you are running the app on the same computer as PMS the URL would look like http://localhost:10000

Available parameters

You can provide parameters to the app either via the querystring or environment variables. If both are provided, the querystring value will take precedence.

Query Parameter Environment Variable Description
token TOKEN Your Slack token. Required for this app to be able to change your status.
username USERNAME Your Plex username. Required if you are playing music from a shared server, otherwise optional.
player PLAYER The client identifier of the player you want to send notifications for. If not provided, your status will update from any Plex client your account is playing music on.
playEmoji PLAY_EMOJI The Slack emoji to use when playing. Do not include colons, i.e. plexamp-outline. If not provided will clear the emoji in your status.
pauseEmoji PAUSE_EMOJI The Slack emoji to use when paused. Do not include colons, i.e. plexamp-outline-desaturated. If not provided will clear the emoji in your status.
protected If true, your status will be protected from changes if your status emoji is something other than playEmoji or pauseEmoji

Full example{slack_token}&username={plex_username}&player={player_client_identifier}&playEmoji={playing_emoji}&pauseEmoji={paused_emoji}
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