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Sinopia (Docker Image)

Sinopia is a private npm repository server.

This repo uses master branch with a minor modification to lib/index.js which allows a trust proxy for an nginx container. The maintained repo can be found here

Using with iojs v1.7.1 - let me know if there's any issues with this version. The storage path is also changed in the config.yaml to handle the edge case where htpasswd is installed via npm.


  • To run default container on port 4873

docker run --name sinopia-ldap -d -p 4873:4873 plitex/sinopia-ldap-docker

  • to sync storage

docker run --name sinopia-ldap -d -p 4873:4873 -v <local-path-to-storage>:/sinopia/storage plitex/sinopia-ldap-docker

  • To attach a custom config.yaml

    docker run -v <local-path-to-config>:/sinopia/config.yaml \
    -d -p 4873:4873 plitex/sinopia-ldap-docker`

  • To modify config.yaml, update local config then restart

docker restart sinopia-ldap

Building Custom Containers

  • From github repository
git clone
cd sinopia-ldap-docker
docker build -t sinopia-ldap .
docker run -d -p 4873:4873 sinopia-ldap
  • Nginx support

Use nginx-proxy or jwilder/nginx-proxy

After running the nginx-proxy, run the sinopia container with env var VIRTUAL_HOST

docker run -e \
  -v <local-path-to-config>:/sinopia/config.yaml \
  --name sinopia-ldap -d -P plitex/sinopia-ldap-docker


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