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small busybox-based image for running memcached
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memcached docker image

A docker image for running memcached, based on the busybox image
and linked with glibc. It's just a handful of megabytes.

Adjust with environment variables:

  • MAX_MEM defaults to 128 (in megabytes)
  • MAX_CONN defaults to 512
  • OPTIONS defaults to hash_algorithm=murmur3,maxconns_fast


docker run -d -p 11211:11211 --name memcached -e MAX_MEM=500 -e MAX_CONN=2000 ploxiln/memcached

See the Dockerfile on GitHub.
Building requires the basic linux build tools, and the libevent library and development headers
(libevent-dev on debian and related distros).

Built images are on Docker Hub

TIP: there are version and date tags on Docker Hub

LICENSE only applies to what is in this repo, not the image contents

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