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image with mongodb daemon + shell client, based on busybox
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mongodb docker image

A docker image for running mongod, mongos, or mongo (shell).
Based on the busybox image, but copies in needed libs from build host (so it's small).

You'll want to mount a config file and data directory.

docker run -d -p 27017:27017 --name mongod \
           -v /.../mongod.conf:/mongod.conf:ro -v /.../mongodata:/data \
           ploxiln/mongod mongod --config /mongod.conf

See the Dockerfile on GitHub.
Building requires scons (aka SConstruct) and the basic linux build tools installed.
It also can require quite a lot of memory for the final linking steps (almost 2GB).

Built images are on Docker Hub

TIP: there are version and date tags on Docker Hub

LICENSE only applies to what is in this repo, not the image contents

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