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nsq daemons and utilities, image based on busybox
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nsq docker image

Small-ish image (52 MiB), based on busybox, for running
nsq core daemons and utilities.

aside: you may prefer the official nsq docker images, see

By default, ploxiln/nsq just runs nsqd stand-alone, the most basic configuration.
To specify any arguments, or run /bin/nsqlookupd or another daemon or utility instead,
customize the run command. Only designed for a single daemon process running per container.

When running nsqd, you'll want to mount the data volume for disk-backed messages
and state when restarting (by default /data) from a persistent dir (and you'll
want to specify the correct --data-path=/... argument when using a custom
run command).

See the Dockerfile on GitHub

Built images are on Docker Hub ploxiln/nsq

TIP: there are version and date tags on Docker Hub

LICENSE only applies to what is in this repo, not the image contents

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