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tiny busybox based image for running remote_syslog2
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remote_syslog2 docker image

Tiny docker image, based on busybox, for running

You'll need to mount a dir with a config file remote_syslog.yml to /conf in the container.
You can mount the parent dir on your host where all/most of your logs are to /log in the container.
If you use tls, you'll need to mount your system root certificates to /etc/ssl/certs in the container.

You'll also want to set the HOSTNAME environment variable in the container, for remote_syslog
to use as the hostname for the source of the logs when it sends them. (You could also use

See the Dockerfile on GitHub

Built images are on Docker Hub

TIP: there are version and date tags on Docker Hub

LICENSE only applies to what is in this repo, not the image contents

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