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Short Description
Alpine Linux base image with fully functionnal & colorized terminal, bash, curl and nano
Full Description


This Image provide a Linux Alpine distribution with :

  • fully functionnal & colorized terminal
  • bash
  • curl
  • nano as editor

Base image : alpine:3.5

This project come with a structure to facilitate further images (like pluie/alpine-apache & pluie/alpine-mysql)

note : wget ssl issue

apk add ca-certificates wget && update-ca-certificates

Image Size

  • very small image ~ 9 MB

Image Usage

$ docker run --name alpine -it pluie/alpine

Image Structure

   |-- install.d/   # deployed in /scripts on target container
   |      |         # launch on docker image building process
   |      |         # - low XX are run first
   |      |--
   |      |--
   |-- pre-init.d/  # deployed in /scripts on target container
   |      |         # launch on docker container running process
   |      |--
   |-- build        # build docker image : ./build [TAG]
   |--    # don't modify - sourced by to execute pre-init.d scripts first
   |--   # don't modify - execute install.d scripts on docker building process
   |--      # source then execute entry point instruction
   |--      # sourced by

you can easily create your own images based on this structure.
keep an eye to pluie/alpine-apache, pluie/alpine-apache-php7 & pluie/alpine-mysql wich extend pluie/alpine

Extend pluie/alpine Image

RUN instructions are minimized
on extended image you only need to use :

RUN bash /scripts/

add your packages in a script in install.d directory
keep name below 40 because install.d/ clean package repository
each extended image inherit install.d && pre-init.d scripts

extended images doesn't need to define ENTRYPOINT
you can keep intact build script in each extended project
manage your install & init instruction in install.d & pre-init.d directory
and write your own script

Docker file example (from pluie/alpine-apache)

FROM pluie/alpine


ADD files.tar /scripts

ENV      SHENV_NAME=Apache \
        SHENV_COLOR=67 \
   HTTP_SERVER_NAME=site.docker \
            WWW_DIR=www \
          WWW_INDEX=index.php \


RUN bash /scripts/
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