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Base vert.x server image
Full Description

This container creates a appliance to run Vert.x 2 applications.

In essence this is a minimalist container that just installs OpenJDK7, wget.

The installation process consists of the following actions:

  • unzip the vert.x 2.1.x distribution to /opt
  • move the conf directory to /etc/defaults/vert.x
  • link vertx executable to /usr/local/bin

This way vert.x micro services just need to execute:

vertx runmod <some mod name>

or if configuration is needed the config files are on /etc/default/vert.x and can be overriden for example by:

  • ADD cluster.xml /etc/default/vert.x/cluster.xml

No special users are created so if extra security is needed (say readonly run) the apps using this base image can just add a user with:

  • RUN useradd vertx
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