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CRITs (Collaborative Research Into Threats) image
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This is an experimental image for running CRITs within docker. See the github repository at for details.

Yet to do:

  • read ENV variables for various configuration options
  • link to an external MongoDB container or IP
  • enable cron, either internal to container, or via docker exec commands from host
  • enable various crits_services (repo is copied to image, but nothing active)
  • ???

Submit issues on github if you have suggestions.

To run, use the following command (substitute the /srv/docker/... path for the host directory to store the MongoDB files in):

docker run -d --name crits -p 8443:443 -v /srv/docker/crits/db:/data/db pnelson/crits:0.3beta

Then browse to https://localhost:8443
The initial login can be found in the image's logs (docker logs crits).

The 0.3beta version refers to the dockerfile, not CRITs. The installed version is the master branch as of 1/29/2015. Once all docker image features are implemented, I'll switch version numbering to match the installed CRITs version instead.

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