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Docker image containing BlueSky Framework
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The BlueSky software included in this docker image is provided for research purposes only. It's output may not accurately reflect actual smoke due to numerous reasons. Data are provisional; use at own risk.

To use, first install docker.

Next, if not on linux, create a vm to run the docker daemon and initialize the docker environment:

docker-machine create --driver virtualbox docker-default   # only needs to be done once
docker-machine start docker-default   # needs to be done subsequently
eval "$(docker-machine env docker-default)"  # at the beginning of each terminal session

Finally, grab the image and run it:

docker pull pnwairfire/bluesky-framework
docker -w /bluesky/bluesky-framework/ pnwairfire/bluesky-framework bluesky -h

Note, on linux, you may need to use sudo for some or all docker commands.

Some random docker tips:

  • to run in interactive mode, use '-ti'. e.g. docker run -ti w /bluesky/bluesky-framework/ pnwairfire/bluesky-framework bash
  • to access files on your file system, use the '-v' option. e.g. docker -v /path/to/met/:/met/ -w /bluesky/bluesky-framework/ pnwairfire/bluesky-framework bluesky -h
  • the '-w' option lets you set the working directory.
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