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Docker image for bioinformatics analysis. See cggh/biipy.
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Docker image for bioinformatics in python.

Includes a number of popular libraries and dependencies for genetic data analysis in ipython. See Dockerfile for details.


To run:

docker run \
  -it \
  --rm \
  -v ${HOME}:/home \
  -v /data:/data \
  -v $XSOCK:$XSOCK \
  -p 38888:8888 \
  --name biipy_$version \
  --env "docker_image=$image" \

-v maps a volume to the instance. Here we have two flags, one for home directory and one for data.

-p maps a port on your system to the default of 8888 for the biipy instance.

Release policy

  • Minor changes to Dockerfile that do not add, remove or alter dependencies (e.g., change ordering) get a micro version bump, e.g., 0.1.0 -> 0.1.1.

  • Adding, removing or changing (e.g., upgrading) a dependency in the Dockerfile gets a minor version bump, e.g., 0.1 -> 0.2.

  • Changing the base image (e.g., to a different version of Ubuntu) gets a major version bump, e.g., 0.1 -> 1.0

Further info

For some information on how to set up on your system, see here

@hardingnj & @alimanfoo

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