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This repository contains a copy of the JSON data generated from PokeAPI_ based on Veekun’s data_. It also contains a small server script to serve the data in the same form as PokeAPI, and a crawler script to harvest the data from an instance of PokeAPI.


This project is on Docker Hub. If you just want to run it, you just have to run one command. Replace 8080 with the port of your choice.

.. code:: bash

docker run -p 8080:80 pokesource/ditto


If you plan to edit the project, you can install it locally for development.

.. code:: bash

cd ~
git clone
cd ditto
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 develop --user
ditto serve --port 8080


You can manually update the data if necessary. This is quite an involved process. You shouldn’t really need to do this, since I’ll be keeping the data in this repo up to date. But if I abandon it for some reason, here’s how to update it.

Before starting, you’ll need to install Docker and Docker Compose_. These instructions assume you've cloned this repo into ~/ditto.

First clone the PokeAPI repository:

.. code:: bash

cd ~
git clone
cd pokeapi

Apply the patch to disable rate limiting on your local PokeAPI:

.. code:: bash

# Assuming you have this "ditto" repo in ../ditto
git apply ~/ditto/extra/disable-rate-limit.patch

Run PokeAPI using docker-compose:

.. code:: bash

docker volume create --name=redis_data
docker volume create --name=pg_data
docker up -d

Build the PokeAPI database:

.. code:: bash

docker-compose exec app python migrate
docker-compose exec app python shell

.. code:: python

from import build_all

The above step can take a really long time to complete. Once it’s done, you can finally update Ditto’s data:

.. code:: bash

cd ~/ditto
rm -r ./data
pip3 install -r requirements.txt # If you didn't do these two already
python3 develop --user  #
ditto clone --source http://localhost/ --destination ./data

This will crawl your local instance of PokeAPI and copy all the data to ./data. Once that's finished, you can serve the freshly updated data!

.. code:: bash

ditto serve --port 8080

.. _PokeAPI:
.. _Veekun’s data:
.. _Docker and Docker Compose:

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