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Up-to-code will create a pull request for every app in your organization that needs a version bump
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Up to Code

Up-to-code keeps your node apps up to date. Every time you publish a new
library, Up-to-code will create a beautiful pull request for every node app in
your organization that needs a version bump.


Let's say you work at a company that has lots of node apps and lots of
javascript libraries. When you make a change to one of those libraries, you
would like your node apps to update to the latest version. Up-to-code
automates this process by creating a pull request to update the version in
package.json. The Up-to-code pull request will include links to easily see a
diff of the updates, new version, and link to other similar pull requests.
This gives the app owner a chance to review the updates and keep their project
up to code.


A Up-to-code pull request contains lots of useful info:


Running with docker

The easiest way to use Up-to-code is docker. After publishing a new version
of awesome-js-library, you can make sure all apps are up to date by running a
docker command like this:

docker run \
    -e npm_config_registry= \
    -e \
    -e npm_config_always_auth=true \
    -e npm_config__auth=npmpassword \
    porchdotcom/up-to-code:latest \
    --package-name=awesome-js-library \
    --github-org=myorg \
    --github-token=abcdef12abcdef12abcdef12abcdef12abcdef12 \
    --gitlab-user=uptocodeacct \
    --gitlab-org=myorg \
    --gitlab-token=abcd123 \

Docker hub

The docker build up-to-code can be found on dockerhub



The recently published library that your projects depend on.


The name of the github organization containing your projects.


Github token with permissions to read repos and create pull requests.


Gitlab user name that will read repos and create pull requests.


Gitlab token granting permissions to read repos and create merge requests.


The name of the gitlab organization containing your projects.


Domain name of self hosted gitlab instance. For example

Environment Variables

NPM configuration is passed to Up-to-code through environment variables. For
example, if you have a private npm registry, you should configure it using npm_config_registry=
Anything required to access your npm host in your .npmrc file should be passed to Up-to-code through and environment variable.

Commonly used npm config

At a minimum, you likely need to define the following environment variables for
a private npm registry:


Supported platforms

Up-to-code can create pull requests on github and gitlab. It has been tested
with sinopia and nexus npm registries.

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