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A web interface for the Docker engine. Dead simple engine management:
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Portainer is a lightweight management UI which allows you to easily manage your Docker host or Swarm cluster.

Portainer is meant to be as simple to deploy as it is to use. It consists of a single container that can run on any Docker engine (Docker for Linux and Docker for Windows are supported).

Portainer allows you to manage your Docker containers, images, volumes, networks and more ! It is compatible with the standalone Docker engine and with Docker Swarm.


You can try out the public demo instance: (login with the username admin and the password tryportainer).

Please note that the public demo cluster is reset every 15min.

Getting started

Getting help

Reporting bugs and contributing

  • Want to report a bug or request a feature? Please open an issue.
  • Want to help us build portainer? Follow our contribution guidelines to build it locally and make a pull request. We need all the help we can get!


Portainer has full support for the following Docker versions:

  • Docker 1.10 to Docker 1.12 (including swarm-mode)
  • Docker Swarm >= 1.2.3

Partial support for the following Docker versions (some features may not be available):

  • Docker 1.9
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Comments (12)
5 days ago

Excellent product. Works well on Windows Server 2016. Gives easy visibility and management of containers, images, networks, admin roles.

a month ago

bloody good, helped me understand the docker process a lot more easily.

2 months ago

:latest tag is empty :O

4 months ago

Windows 13.1 build is broken. Portainer.exe and support files are missing from the image.

4 months ago

@hyperledgerlinuxone sure you can add an issue so we can add support for this.

@mrgangster can you open an issue so we can help you connect to your Windows host?

4 months ago

Work fine with Linux Docker host, but can not connect to Windows Server 2016 Docker host

5 months ago

Hello, do you plan to add s390 support? Keep me posted about this dear portainer team.

7 months ago

@ivandir, please open an issue at

7 months ago

Volume binding with --tlsverify doesn't seem to work

8 months ago

Just FYI, it looks to work fine with Docker 1.13.0