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Raspberry Pi compatible Docker base image with R-Base and 'vis' project
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Raspberry Pi compatible Docker base image with R-Base with:
rpi-rvis added these required R library for the vis project.

Project Background

International Visitor Arrivals refer to travellers taking a trip to Singapore whose length of stay is less than a year. This excludes:

  • All Malaysian citizens arriving by land;
  • Returning Singapore citizens, permanent residents and pass holders;
  • Non-resident air and sea crew (except for sea crew flying in to join a ship); and
  • Air transit and transfer passengers.
    Arrival statistics are reported by country of residence based on information from Disembarkation/ Embarkation (D/E) Cards by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

R-Base Version

  • latest = 3.2.1
  • 0.1 = 3.2.1


docker run -it --rm --name r-vis -p 8080:8080 postalc/rpi-rvis:latest


open with browser to http://{IP}:8080
if you dont know what is the IP and connect from same PC, use


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