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Compile your Ergodox EZ firmware in a docker image
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ErgodoxEZ firmware compiler

This is a small docker image that has a script and all the dependencies needed to compile your Ergodox EZ firmware.

It uses the recommended build tools and instructions from Jack Humbert's qmk firmware repo.

Sample usage

You must mount a volume on /keymap to a folder containing your keymap.c file. When the compilation is finished, the resulting ergodox_ez.hex file will be placed in this same directory. If there's already a ergodox_ez.hex file in the directory, it will be overwritten.

Example: if you have your keymap in ~/keymaps/qwerty/keymap.c, use the followig command line to compile it:

$ docker run --rm -v ~/keymaps/qwerty:/keymap potz/ergodox-ez-compiler

If everything goes well, The resulting .hex file will be on ~/keymaps/qwerty/ergodox_ez.hex. You can then use this file to flash your keyboard.

You can also override the folder where the keymaps is to be found by settig the KEYMAP_FOLDER enviroment variable.



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