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ServiceStack on Linux - Docker Image

This repo builds a Docker image that hosts the ServiceStack Hello World example application (extracted from ServiceStack/ServiceStack.Examples) using Linux/Nginx/Mono FastCGI.

This image can be used as, according to need,

  • a proof of concept, used to evaluate Linux based .Net web app hosting
  • a ServeStack dev or qa environment, or
  • a base upon which to build a Docker image for another .Net web app.

How to Use the Image

In your host machine with docker installed, run the image as follows:

vagrant@precise64:~$ sudo docker pull marfarma/servicestack.hello

vagrant@precise64:~$ sudo docker run marfarma/servicestack.hello
 * Starting nginx nginx

In a second terminal running on the same host as above, use the docker ps command to determine the port that nginx is using. In the example below, it's 49181.

vagrant@precise64:~$ sudo docker ps
ID                  IMAGE                                COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS              PORTS
21b021cf47b7        marfarma/servicestack.hello:latest   /var/www/hello/start   27 seconds ago      Up 27 seconds       49181->80
3976891e4e44        shykes/couchdb:2013-05-03            /bin/sh -e /usr/bin/   9 days ago          Up 9 days           49153->5984

To see the service running in the docker container, you would use the port from the ps command and, using your browser, visit:

To stop the server just hit "Control+C" in the first terminal.

Known Issues

The setup largely follows this tutorial, and also exhibits the same bug:

With every request, even successful requests I see the below message logged in the console. I do not know the source of this but the API should still be working fine and returning results.

Error Failed to process connection. Reason: The object was used after being disposed.



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