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How to use docker
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This is a short instruction for the installation of the Docker Engine on Windows and howto start running the image wildfly-app from this repository.

Quick steps:

  1. Installation of Docker on Windows (only once):

    Download the latest Boot2Docker installer for Windows from here
    and run the installer on your Windows system as described here .

  2. Run image of widfly-app on Docker

    Start the Boot2Docker program from your Desktop or Program Files > Boot2Docker for Windows.
    After Boot2Docker was startet successfully run the example image from the command line:

    $ docker run hello-world
  This should download the very small hello-world image and print a Hello from Docker message.

   Now download and start the wildfy-app from the powerwalker docker repository:

  >     $ docker run -it -p 8080:8080 powerwalker/wildfly-app
  1. Test the application

    To test the started wildfly-app open a browser and goto URL

    A short info text should appear in the browser.

Usefull links:

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