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Automated builds of VSO xplat agent running on Centos7
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1. vsts-agent

Base unconfigured agent Docker image on Centos 7.

NOTE that due to the VSTS auto-update feature these images are generally
unsuitable for running in a daemonised mode. You probably want vsts-agent-d
for this.

The git repo for agent:

Pre-built docker images:

See for more detail.

2. vsts-agent-d

This is the one you probably want to use if you want a good working agent.

Image is built on top of base vsts-agent to run in unattended
mode on VMs and on clusters, with several features and enhancements
required to support this.

Pre-built docker images:


  • fully parameterised VSTS configuration (credentials, etc)

  • supports daemonised and interactive modes of running

  • graceful restarts in case of crashes
    (e.g. with docker run -d --restart=always)

  • agent naming to aid identification in VSO pools

  • agent naming to have predictable ordering in the pool

  • correct handling of SIGTERM

  • removal of agent registration from VSO on stop

  • security features

  • auto-update on start and restart

  • can build and run docker images using host's docker daemon

For full docs see

3. vso-agent (aka xplat agent) - DEPRECATED

Base unconfigured agent Docker image on Centos 7.

The original cross-platform VSO agent (aka xplat agent, see

Pre-built docker images:

Latest release: 0.6.5

The agent broadly works, although not without issues.

This agent is planned to be replaced with unifined VSTS agent (soon they say).

See for details.

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