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A tool for discovering and configuring services in your infrastructure
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  1. Verifying the consul binary:

  2. Consul agent in development mode:
    $docker run -dP --name=agent1 consul

  3. You can list all the running agents with following command:
    $docker exec -i agent1 consul members

4.You can also get the detailed information of all the node from outside the container as follows:
$curl localhost:MAPPED_PORT/v1/catalog/nodes
Where MAPPED_PORT is the host port to which 8500 of container is mapped.

5.Consul agent in normal mode:
$docker run -dP –name=agent1 consul agent

6.By default the development mode has UI enabled, but if you want to run it in non-development mode you have to enable the UI with -ui option as follows:
$ docker run -dP --name=agent1 consul agent -ui

Now you can access the UI from browser with following URL:
Where, MAPPED_PORT is the host port which is mapped to 8500 of container

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