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Centos base for installing and running the QPID broker for testing against OpenMAMA.
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This will run a centos base with the QPID C++ Broker (v0.34) for testing with OpenMAMA. Will install dependancies and runs

qpidd --topic-patterns MAMA.* --auth no

Run as follows:

docker run -p 5672:5672 -d ppreston/qpidd-mama

Can then be run with the following properties:

mama.qpid.transport.qpidlinux.outgoing_url=topic://<docker host ip>/MAMA/%r/%S/%s
mama.qpid.transport.qpidlinux.incoming_url=topic://<docker host ip>/MAMA/%r/%S/%s
mama.qpid.transport.qpidlinux.reply_url=topic://<docker host ip>/MAMA/%u


Run the market data publisher

capturereplayc -S UTP -i 0.1 -m qpid -tport qpidlinux -f utpcasheuro.qpid.mplay -r -dictionary data.dict.txt

Run the market data subscriber

mamalistenc -tport qpidlinux -S UTP -m qpid -s DE000CM95AU4.EUR.XPAR

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