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Virtual Docker Machine for Development
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How to get the docker image

To fetch the docker image, type this follow :
docker pull ppsteam/workenv
when docker image is ready, you need to launch this one as container like this :
docker run -p 122:22 -p 180:80 -p 106:3306 -p 188:8080 -v $HOME/www:/var/www/html ppsteam/workenv
the $HOME variable is dynamic, which return your user path.

WARNING : if you have specified a version at the pull state, you should write something like this ppsteam/workenv:1.0

How to see my web pages

When the all previous steps are passed, you can access at : http://x.x.x.x:180/
x.x.x.x is localhost if you are on a Linux or Mac, and if it is a Windows you should type the docker machine IP, looking like this 192.168.x.x
At this point you will see your web directories.

List of web applications

To access Jenkins : http://your-ip:188/
To access PhpMyAdmin : http://your-ip:180/phpmyadmin/
To access Webroot : http://your-ip:180/

Docker Pull Command