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Docker container for running Junebug with Nginx.
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Dockerfile for running Junebug with Nginx.


Base image: praekeltfoundation/vumi

This is a Debian Jessie base image with the latest version of Python 2 and
Junebug and Nginx installed.


Configuration can be done using environment variables or command-line options. Use of environment variables and command-line options can be mixed, but using an environment variable at the same time as it's equivalent command-line option can result in unexpected behaviour.

Two environment variables should always be set to enable HTTP basic auth for the Junebug API on the /jb/ path:


Command-line options

Most of Junebug's command-line options can be passed to the container at startup. For example:

docker run \
  -e AUTH_USERNAME=user -e AUTH_PASSWORD=secret \
  praekeltfoundation/junebug \
    --redis-host redis0.internal \
    --redis-db 2 \
    --amqp-host rabbitmq0.internal \
    --amqp-vhost /junebug \
    --amqp-user rabbit \
    --amqp-password carrot

The following command-line options are always set by the entrypoint script:

  • --logging-path is set to . to ensure Junebug logs to stdout/stderr.
  • --plugins is provided to set up the Nginx plugin.
  • --channels is provided to set up the following default channels:
    • whatsapp:vxyowsup.whatsapp.WhatsAppTransport
    • vumigo:vumi.transports.vumi_bridge.GoConversationTransport
    • dmark_ussd:vumi.transports.dmark.DmarkUssdTransport
    • aat_ussd:vxaat.AatUssdTransport

Environment variables

Several environment variables can be adjusted to configure Junebug. These variables map to command-line options in the entrypoint script as follows:

Environment variable Command-line option Default value
JUNEBUG_PORT --port 8080
REDIS_HOST --redis-host
REDIS_PORT --redis-port 6379
REDIS_DB --redis-db 1
AMQP_HOST --amqp-host
AMQP_PORT --amqp-port 5679
AMQP_VHOST --amqp-vhost guest
AMQP_USER --amqp-user guest
AMQP_PASSWORD --amqp-password guest
SENTRY_DSN --sentry-dsn

For the Redis and AMQP configuration, it is necessary to set the _HOST variables before the other environment variables will be considered.

Similarly, the JUNEBUG_INTERFACE variable must be set before the JUNEBUG_PORT variable is used. However, it is not recommended that you change the --interface or --port options as all communication with Junebug should be performed via the Nginx instance in the container.


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