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PAC (Praqmatic Automated Changelog) tool to create changelog reports based on SCM commits and tasks
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This praqma/pac Docker image will wrap the PAC Ruby script as entry point making it very easy to use.

See praqma/pac latest usage information here:

Docker file for praqma/pac can be found here in the above repository:

PAC can be used a plain Ruby script as well - you just have to have configure your Ruby environment as explained the the repository.

What is PAC?

PAC will collect task references in your SCM commit messages, and from these be able to build a report of changes with information extracted from external systems like your task management system. Compared to other changelog solutions PAC is very flexible being very customizable using a configuration file. The design allows to solve the problem of unchangeable SCM commit history with wrong task references.



The PAC image is releases as part of the release process for the Ruby script. A new images is delivered for every release with a matching tag of the release.

praqma/pac 2.0.0 correspond to the 2.0.0 version of the PAC tool.

The build and delivery pipeline for PAC is here:

Release job includes both Ruby script and image.

Deprecated PAC releases

The older version of the praqma/pac image (tagged v3, v4, v18, v20) are only Ruby environments fitted to run older versions of PAC. In those versions you would have to mount in the PAC Ruby script yourself.
Those images do not work with never versions (2.x and forward).

The image was releases from another github repository ( which have now been deprecated (old versions still there if you check them out).

The old way of using this container is described here (for tag v20):
Check old releases here:

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