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Zetta Tools is an Openstack based cloud provider. The images has a number of tools installed to interact with the cloud.

Authentication and Customization

You authenticate to with a domain, username, and password. You should define them in a .sh file

ZETTA_DOMAIN_NAME=<your domain name>
ZETTA_DOMAIN_ID=<your domain id>
ZETTA_USERNAME=<your username>
ZETTA_PASSWORD=<your password>
ZETTA_PROJECT=<your project>  # Optional, if not defined it defaults to 'Standard'

This file should be in a directory that is bound during container creation.

For initialization the entrypoint sources all *.sh files in /config. You should bind this directory to a directory with your customization files. At lease the authentication parameter should be defined.

Docker Machine

docker-machine has its data stored in ~/.docker/machine. This directory is defined as a volume, you might want to bind it to a directory of your choice, for example ~/.docker/machine on the host.

Docker Client

The image contains no docker client. Instead you are supposed to bind the hosts client. Assuming the client on the host is in /usr//local/bin/docker the paramter will be

-v /usr/local/bin/docker:/usr/local/bin/docker

If you further more wants to interact with the host running the container (e.g. you linux box or boot2docker on OSX/Windows), you can add

-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
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