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Apache Hadoop 2 Docker image

This is Hadoop 2 Docker image mostly adapted from but for Ubuntu (trusty).

Current Version

  • Apache Hadoop 2.6.0

Running on Mac OS X

This step is required only for Mac OS X as docker is not natively supported in Mac OS X. To run docker on Mac OS X we need Boot2Docker.

Setting up docker

  • Install Boot2Docker from here.
  • After installing, from terminal, run boot2docker init to initialize boot2docker.
  • Run boot2docker start to start boot2docker and export DOCKER_HOST and DOCKER_CERT_PATH as shown at the end of command.
  • After exporting DOCKER_HOST and DOCKER_CERT_PATH we can run docker commands.

NOTE: docker 1.3.0 versions require --tls to be passed to all docker command

Pull the image

You can either pull the image that is already pre-built from Docker hub or build the image locally (refer next section)

docker --tls pull prasanthj/docker-hadoop

Build the image

If you do not want to pull the image from Docker hub, you can build it locally using the following steps

  • To build the hadoop docker image locally from Dockerfile, first checkout source using
    git clone
  • Change to docker-hadoop directory cd docker-hadoop
docker --tls build  -t local-hadoop-2.6.0 .

Start a container

In order to use the Docker image you have just build or pulled use:

docker --tls run -i -t local-hadoop-2.6.0 /etc/ -bash


You can run one of the stock examples:

# run the mapreduce
$HADOOP_PREFIX/bin/hadoop jar $HADOOP_PREFIX/share/hadoop/mapreduce/hadoop-mapreduce-examples-2.6.0.jar grep input output 'dfs[a-z.]+'

# check the output
$HADOOP_PREFIX/bin/hdfs dfs -cat output/*

Viewing Web UI

If you are running docker using Boot2Docker then do the following steps

  • Setup routing on the host machine (Mac OS X) using the following
    command sudo route add -net
    NOTE: 172.17.0.X is usually the ipaddress of docker container. is the ipaddress exported in DOCKER_HOST

  • Get containers IP address

    • To get containers IP address we need CONTAINER_ID. To get container id use the following command which should list all running containers and its ID
      docker --tls ps
    • Use the following command to get containers IP address (where CONTAINER_ID is the container id of local-hadoop-2.6.0 (or prasanthj/docker-hadoop if pulled from docker hub) image)
      docker --tls inspect -f=“{{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}}” CONTAINER_ID
  • Launch a web browser and type http://<container-ip-address>:8088 to view hadoop cluster web UI.

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