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Munin build refactoring


The build system is being rewritten.

Parts of munin needing to know the locations of directories, and
configuration values, will get them dynamically, and not hardcoded.

This means we will no longer rewrite hardcoded settings in files at
build time.

Moving a munin directory should be handled by updating the relevant
setting in the munin configuration.


The executable daemons and command line utilities are found in the
shell PATH.


Perl scripts will find the Munin libraries in the perl module path.
Depending on the installation method, "site" or "vendor" directories
are used.

If and when modules are made for other languages, they will follow the
same pattern.


Perl scripts will find all settings and directories using variables
from Munin::*::Config

Shell scripts will find munin's directories using variables settings
emitted by a perl script using the above method.

The path to the configuration file is the only thing hardcoded on
build, added to Munin::InstallPaths. (TODO: name needs bikeshedding)


The top level builder is the Makefile. "make", "make test" and "make
install" will perform the expected actions.

The perl modules are handled by Build.PL.

The scripts and commands are handled by Build.PL (but could be handled
by the Makefile)

The plugins are handled by Makefile


The installation installs everything as the user running the
installation routine.

In case of a system installation, everything should be owned by

A script running after installation installs (or changes the owner of)
directories storing variable data used by munin, and munin node.

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