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Standard image prepared to build Prevas Industrial Linux with OE-Lite
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Pull this image with

docker pull prevas/oe-lite

The image contains a user with username user and password user. Its uid is 1000, so if your day-to-day developer account is with a different uid, run the following after pulling the image:

cat <<EOF | docker build -q -t prevas/oe-lite-uid-$(id -u) -
FROM prevas/oe-lite
USER root
RUN usermod -u $(id -u) user
USER user

Now create and run a container with

[ $(id -u) -eq 1000 ] && image=prevas/oe-lite || image=prevas/oe-lite-uid-$(id -u)
docker run -i -t -h oe-lite --name oe-lite -v $HOME:/home/user $image

Start the container again with

docker start -a -i oe-lite
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