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A minimal Docker image running Piwik. Optimized for dokku-alt.
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Build or pull

Build with

$ sudo docker build -t priorist/piwik .

or pull straight from the hub

$ sudo docker pull priorist/piwik


Ensure MySQL container is running and run with:

$ sudo docker run -d -p 80:80 --link mysql:mysql -v /var/piwik-data:/var/piwik-data --name piwik priorist/piwik

You may use a data volume at /var/piwik-data for config persistence.

Deploy with dokku-alt

After you push-deployed the app, create a database container and link it:

$ sudo dokku mariadb:create piwik-db
$ sudo dokku mariadb:link piwik piwik-db

Now create a data volume to store Piwik config and link it to the app:

$ sudo dokku volume:create piwik-data /var/piwik-data
$ sudo dokku volume:link piwik piwik-data

Write down the database credentials for initial setup:

$ sudo dokku config piwik
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