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Backs up rethinkdb databases to S3
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RethinkDB Backerupperer

It backs up RethinkDB. It puts those backups on S3.

It can just do it once, or, if you want, more than once.


When run, it does a rethinkdb dump against the target database. It saves the output to a file called something like 2015-10-23T19:51:38+11:00.tar.gz

It then uploads that file to the specified S3 bucket. Once the file is uploaded, it deletes the file.

If you like, you can specify an encryption key for S3 to use

If you like, you can specify a cron expression and it will run on that interval.

The required environment variables are:

  • RETHINK_LOC (eg localhost:28015)

Optional environment variables are:

  • SSE_KEY (In my testing, S3 barfs if this isn't 32 characters in length)
  • CRON_STRING (Normal cron times, with extras defined here)
  • AWS_REGION Defaults to us-east-1

If SSE_KEY is not defined, the file will just be stored in the clear.
If CRON_STRING is not defined, the process will just run once then exit.

So an example invocation would be:

$ AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID={{KEY}} AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY={{SECRET}} S3_BUCKET={{bucket}} RETHINK_LOC=localhost:28015 SSE_KEY=EnE50AzSFcm0k6iq0DGmBMUIjM2NozxS CRON_STRING="@every 1h" go run rethinkdb-backerupperer.go

Every time it succeeds, it will log something similar to:

2015/10/23 20:42:13 Successfully uploaded backup 2015-10-23T20:42:10+11:00.tar.gz

Any failure will exit the process with an exit code of 1


You can download binaries for OSX, Linux and Windows here

NB: I have not tested the Windows build. Please let me know if it works (or doesn't)

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