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Cloudera Hadoop
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Docker Cloudera Quick Start Image

Cloudera Hadoop 5 (CDH5)

Now you can run the Cloudera Quick Start image without all the overhead of a Virtual Machine. Just use docker-cloudera-quickstart Image.

Based on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty LTS)

Works with Cloudera CDH 5


*Under development.


To install the docker-cloudera-quickstart from docker-hub, simply use the following command:

docker pull prodest/docker-cloudera-quickstart

To start an instance in BACKGROUND (as daemon):

docker run -i -t -d prodest/docker-cloudera-quickstart

To start an instance in FOREGROUND:

docker run -i -t prodest/docker-cloudera-quickstart

To open more terminal instances for the running instance:

docker ps
docker exec -i -t CONTAINER_ID bash -l


Pull the image on Docker Hub

Github page

Checklist of components:

Apache Hadoop (Common, HDFS, MapReduce, YARN)

Apache HBase

Apache ZooKeeper

Apache Oozie

Apache Hive

Hue (Apache licensed)

Apache Flume

Cloudera Impala (Apache licensed)

Apache Sentry

Apache Sqoop

Cloudera Search (Apache licensed)

Apache Spark

Cloudera Documentation

Debugging In Docker

Changing Debug Delay

If a samza job dies, its log files get deleted immediately. To allow them to hang around
for ten minutes, add the following to /etc/hadoop/conf/yarn-site.xml :

    <description>seconds after app finishes before app's files and logs deleted</description>

Then you can find the logs, e.g.: sudo -E ./yarnlogs.bash Matcher

#Please report any issue or feedback if possible.

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