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Fork from official ampache docker image. Modified to use develop branch, php5-gd, config defaults
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docker run --name=ampache -d -v /path/to/your/music:/media:ro -p 80:80 ampache/ampache


  • MySQL Administrative Username: root # leave alone
  • MySQL Administrative Password: # (blank) leave alone
  • Check "Create Database User"
  • Ampache Database Username: ampache
  • Ampache Database User Password: ampache # or whatever you want, but remember it on the next page
  • next page fill out MySQL Username / Password
  • Click the "Write" buttons from BOTTOM to TOP
  • Do this because it is the last one that needs the username and password and they get blanked out on every click

Other Features

  • gd for php (this was missing from main branch)
  • ampache defaults (install.lib.php)
  • avconv for transcoding


These are all optional.

  • /etc/mysql -- mysql config
  • /var/lib/mysql -- mysql database
  • /media -- music, videos, etc.
  • /var/www/config -- ampache config
  • /var/www/themes -- ampache themes
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