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64-Bit PicoLisp on Tinycore
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64-Bit PicoLisp + Vim in a Tinycore image.

This is version 17.6 of the PicoLisp programming language in a Tinycore Linux container. The latest version of PicoLisp running on the latest 64-bit Tinycore will be maintained in this image. Much thanks to Alexander Williams, Alexander Burger, and the whole picoLisp community for helping me get the latest source compiled! For the smallest image possible I compile the source in a Tinycore container, tar and gzip the compiled source and copy it back to the host. Finally the Dockerfile copies in the pre-compiled source without all the compilation utilities and there you have it, a tiny container to run your PicoLisp programs with. Vim is included so that you can (edit 'sym) right in the image. Now only 14MB!

Simply run:

docker pull progit/docker-tinycore-picolisp


docker run -it --rm progit/docker-tinycore-picolisp 

... and you'll be immediately dropped into the REPL.

To access to the shell:

docker run -it --rm progit/docker-tinycore-picolisp /bin/sh

and to share one of your local directories you can do:

docker run -it --rm -v /home/picolisp-rocks/src/my-cool-project:/home/pil/my-cool-project progit/docker-tinycore-picolisp /bin/sh

Now you have read/write access to the contents of the /home/picolisp-rocks/src/my-cool-project directory in your container. There are more ways to get permanent storage in docker containers but that is beyond the scope of this appliance. See data volumes and data persistence in containers.

Taken from (PDF) PicoLisp: The Scalpel of Programming A Radical Approach to Software Development:

If some programming languages claim to be the "Swiss Army Knife of Programming", then PicoLisp may well be called the "Scalpel of Programming": Sharp, accurate, small and lightweight, but also dangerous in the hand of the inexperienced. Less is more! - The maxim is: Keep it simple, and the programmer in control!

PicoLisp is one of the best kept secrets of development. It includes a database, web application framework, and a Prolog engine all as part of the language. Now it's available in a container for OS agnostic development. I chose Tinycore to keep in line with some of PicoLisp's values of small and simple.

Happy hacking!

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