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Ubuntu 16.04 with latest stable ruby, node 6.10.1 and phantomjs 2.1.1
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Ruby, node with phantomjs bundled in. latest is always based on latest stable
ruby version.

What's inside

The supplied Dockerfile will create an images for docker containers
with ruby, nodejs and phantomjs. Mainly to run the headless tests of karma.

The reason that phantomjs is contained in a git repository is because
of the time (> 1.5h) it takes to build phantomjs from source on my macbook.
To avoid this time, a separate Dockerfile is used to build the binary.

Getting started

Getting the image

$ docker pull prograils/ruby-node-phantomjs


$ docker run -t -i prograils/ruby-node-phantomjs


$ bundle exec rspec


Docker Pull Command