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A node based on Alpine for Erlang/Elixir OTP applications.
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An edeliver node for Erlang/Elixir OTP applications.

This docker image is meant to act as an edeliver deployment target host. Containers that run this image can be provisioned with OTP applications by using the edeliver utility and take advantage of all the goodness of edeliver such as hot-code upgrades and database migrations.

See the edeliver utility for more information about building and deploying OTP applications in general.


It is possible to tweak the behaviour of this image by overriding a few ENV VARS.

Here is a list of all the vars currently being used:

  • SSH_PORT=<ssh_port_to_use> // which port should the SSH server run on (used by the edeliver utility)
  • ROOT_PASSWORD=<password> // can safely be omitted if auth-keys provided
  • ROOT_AUTHORIZED_KEY=<authorized_ssh_key> // can be multiple keys separated with ','
  • DROPBEAR_CONF=<path_to_dropbear_config> // can safely be omitted

All vars are optional for now but that might change in the future.


The image is derived from the janeczku/alpine-kubernetes image in order to be able to properly support DNS lookup of other/linked containers. The basic/vanilla Alpine image doesn't support the search keyword/directive in /etc/resolv.conf properly and fails to lookup non-qualified names over DNS. The Kubernetes Alpine image will add a small localized DNS server running in the container to emulate the glibc resolv.conf search keyword behaviour.

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