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Docker image for and lexicon
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Docker image for and lexicon

See and

I created this image to make it easy to generate and maintain letsencrypt
certificates using's support for the dns-01 verification method,
combined with lexicon since it handles so many DNS providers.

Basic Usage

This will run the script without a configuration file.
$PROVIDER is used by to determine which provider to
call lexicon with. $LEXICON_* variables set the credentials for lexicon to
talk to the DNS provider. / is the directory where
certificates will actually be stored.

docker run --rm -it \
       -e PROVIDER="cloudflare" \
       -e LEXICON_CLOUDFLARE_TOKEN=`123456789012345678901234567890123456` \
       -v `pwd`/certs:/ \
       programmerq/ -c -d -t dns-01 -k /

More advanced usage

You can take advantage of the domains.txt and config file (See
example here:

mkdir certs
echo > certs/domains.txt
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