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The fantastic Cloud9 browser based IDE, dockerised on Ubuntu, with lots of inbuilt tools.
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Cloud9 Web IDE

Docker hub:

Cloud9 is a web browser based Integrated Development Environment. Since the UI runs in the browser it is highly portable, running on almost any device that has a web browser. Use this image to host your own Cloud9 instance on your computer/server and use it's resources for development and experimentation. Have fun!


docker run -d -v "$(pwd)":/workspace -p 8181:8181 projectboxtech/cloud9-ubuntu[:tag]

Start with auth

docker run -d -v "$(pwd)":/workspace -p 8181:8181 projectboxtech/cloud9-ubuntu[:tag] --auth username:password

You can also use any starting option describe in :

Use custom user settings

docker run -d -v "$(pwd)":/workspace -v /home/user/c9.settings:/root/.c9/user.settings -p 8181:8181 projectboxtech/cloud9-ubuntu[:tag]

Where /home/user/c9.settings is the user.settings file on your file system


If you want to only expose cloud9 localy use -p instead of -p 8181:8181. Otherwise it will be accesible to any equipement that can acces to your PC through the network.


  • Is your desired base image not available? Make a request.
  • Is there something you would like included/fixed/improved in one of the versions? Make a request.
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