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All-in-one container for trying out Storm development using F# and FsShelter.
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FsShelter samples

All-in-one container for trying out Storm development using F# and FsShelter.

  • Java 8
  • Storm 1.0.2
  • Mono 4.x
  • F# 4.0

Starting an instance of the container

docker run --name fsshelter-samples -d -p 8080:8080 prolucid/fsshelter-samples

This will start all the Storm processes required to see a topology in action and map 8080 port so that you can use Storm's web UI to see it running.

Submitting a sample for execution

Open a terminal session with the started container:

docker exec -it fsshelter-samples bash

A copy of FsShelter is included and pre-built in /opt/FsShelter folder of the container. To submit a sample, from the bash prompt in FsShelter enter:

mono samples/WordCount/bin/Release/WordCount.exe submit-local


mono samples/Guaranteed/bin/Release/Guaranteed.exe submit-local

Storm takes about 30sec. to spin up all the processes and establish the communications between them, the topology will run indefinetely and be restarted if necessary.

Observing the execution

Inside the container, open /opt/storm/logs and find the worker logs corresponding to the submitted topology, these logs will capture the Storm side of interaction.
In /root/logs folder you can find the logs that the sample components create.
Outside of the container, open localhost:8080 (or use the ip/hostname if accesing remotely) in your browser to see the submitted topology(ies) in the Storm UI.

Killing a sample

To kill a running sample topology, you can use Storm UI or, from the bash prompt in FsShelter folder enter:

mono samples/WordCount/bin/Release/WordCount.exe kill


mono samples/Guaranteed/bin/Release/Guaranteed.exe kill

Getting more info (and more samples to run)


Docker Pull Command