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Prometheus Golang builder Docker images
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Prometheus Golang builder Docker images


Docker Builder Image for cross-building Golang Prometheus projects.


Change the repository import path (-i) and target platforms (-p) according to your needs.
You can also use those images to run your tests by using the -T option.

Usage: [args]
  -i,--import-path arg  : Go import path of the project
  -p,--platforms arg    : List of platforms (GOOS/GOARCH) to build separated by a space
  -T,--tests            : Go run tests then exit


This building process is using make to build and run tests.
Therefore a Makefile with build and test targets is needed into the root of your source files.

main/latest tag

docker run --rm -ti -v $(pwd):/app prom/golang-builder:main \
    -i "" \
    -p "linux/amd64 linux/386 darwin/amd64 darwin/386 windows/amd64 windows/386 freebsd/amd64 freebsd/386 openbsd/amd64 openbsd/386 netbsd/amd64 netbsd/386 dragonfly/amd64"

arm tag

docker run --rm -ti -v $(pwd):/app prom/golang-builder:arm \
    -i "" \
    -p "linux/arm linux/arm64 freebsd/arm openbsd/arm netbsd/arm"

powerpc tag

docker run --rm -ti -v $(pwd):/app prom/golang-builder:powerpc \
    -i "" \
    -p "linux/ppc64 linux/ppc64le"

mips tag

mips64/mips64le cross-build is currently available with golang 1.6.

docker run --rm -ti -v $(pwd):/app prom/golang-builder:mips \
    -i "" \
    -p "linux/mips64 linux/mips64le"

Legal note

OSX/Darwin/Apple builds:
Please ensure you have read and understood the Xcode license
terms before continuing.

More information

  • You will find a Circle CI configuration in circle.yml.
  • All of the core developers are accessible via the Prometheus Developers Mailinglist and the #prometheus channel on


Refer to


Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE.

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