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Visual Regression - Ubuntu Image with VNC and PhantomJS,CasperJS & PhantomCSS,SlimerJS
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UI-ninja - (Visual Regression Testing Image) 0.2 BETA

Ubuntu Image with VNC and PhantomJS, CasperJS and PhantomCSS Installed for the Visual Regression(UI Testing).

  1. Ubuntu 14.04
  2. Phntomjs 2.1.4
  3. Capser JS 1.1.3
  4. PhantomCSS and Node Installed by default.
  5. SlimerJS with the Firefox 51.1

VNC server at

Run the Image as

Start the Docker Image

docker run -it -d --name uininja --rm -p 6081:80 -v $(pwd):/home/ubuntu promode96/uininja:0.2

by default current dir of Host($pwd) is mapped to the /home/ubuntu on the docker image.

Stop the Docker Image

docker stop uininja

Check out the Phantomcss github for more example

Map the source to and run the test as the

capserjs test test.js

Check out UI at ->

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