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Short Description
Proper Design's build tools packed up into a handy image.
Full Description

proper-build – a Docker image for running Proper Design's Gulp pipeline

What it does

This image wraps up a pipeline that exposes the following Gulp tasks:

  • sass – Sass/Compass compilation
  • scripts – lints, concatenates and minifies site scripts
  • svg – produces an SVG sprite
  • bower-install – runs bower install from the bower.json in the project's root. Also runs main-bower-files to concatenate into a single thirdparty.min.js and thirdparty.min.css

Using this image


The image has a built in configuration for file inputs and outputs based on Proper Design's [WordPress starter theme] ( To use your own configuration, take a copy of proper-config-template.json, rename to proper-config.json and drop it in the directory that you're going to be running gulp from.

Docker run command

The image uses gulp at its entrypoint, meaning that running the image runs Gulp using your proper-config.json. If you want to run the default task in your current directory, run:

docker run --rm -ti -v $(PWD):/source --name proper-build properdesign/proper-build

To run any other task, e.g. sass, run:

docker run --rm -ti -v $(PWD):/source --name proper-build properdesign/proper-build sass

Custom config

By default, the image bakes in a set of paths that are defined in /build/proper-config.json. You can override these paths by volume-mapping your own proper-config.json adding the following to your docker run:

-v proper-config.json:/build/proper-config.json

You can also override any of the other configuration files (e.g. package.json, gulpfile.js or config.rb) by volume-mapping them into /build

Wrapper script

Typing this out every time is a drag. This repo includes a wrapper script that you can add to your /usr/local/bin by doing:

TMPDIR=$(dirname $(mktemp -u)) && \
  curl -sLo "$TMPDIR/" "" && \
  unzip -jq -o "$TMPDIR/" -d $TMPDIR && \
  cp "$TMPDIR/" /usr/local/bin/proper-build


  • BrowserSync. Not working yet, open issue on GitHub
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