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docker container: apache2 + php 5.6 + zend guard loader + ioncube loader + postfix
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Docker container, built on Debian, with latest PHP (atm PHP 5.6) with SSL support, zend guard loader, ioncube loader and postfix.

How to use

Run docker run -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -d proudsourcing/ps_apache_php56 and browse to the host's IP address using http or https

  • /var/www/html for your site content (e.g. using "-v /home/jdoe/mysite/:/var/www/html/")
  • /var/log/apache2, optionally, if you want to store logfiles visibly outside the container
  • /etc/ssl, optionally, if you wish to use SSL with real keys

For more information please visit ebooras readme:

Docker compose

  container_name: my_container_name
  hostname: my_hostname
  build: .
    - /my_wwwdata_on_host/:/var/www/html/
    - /my_logdir_on_host/:/var/log/apache2/

Image dependency

FROM eboraas/apache-php
FROM eboraas/apache
FROM eboraas/debian
FROM eboraas/debootstrap

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