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Simply polls from an SQS Queue, and indexes documents in ElasticSearch


You must provide a module at /app/config. Commonly you would just mount a directory
to /app/config, and provide an index.js that returns the configuration.

Here is an example /app/config/index.js showing all available options:

module.exports = {

    logLevel: 'info',

    aws: {
        region: 'us-west-2',
        queueUrl: '',
        accessKeyId: '[accessKeyId]',
        secretAccessKey: '[secretAccessKey]'

    es: {
        url: '',
        indexPrefix: 'messages-',
        type: 'message',
        loglevel: 'info',
        preprocess: function(message) {
             * Pre-Process the message.  For example, you might want to
             * add or remove certain fields that shouldn't be indexed.

            try {
                // If your message is JSON, you might want to parse it
                message = JSON.parse(message.Message);
            catch (e) {}

            return message;

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