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apache airavata pga
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This docker image in based on Ubuntu and Apache Airavata PGA 0.15 branch

How to pull this image:

docker pull psaha4/airavata_pga

Note: This is a public image repository so no credentials will be required

How to build a running container:

To build a container and run it use the below docker command

docker run -p<HOST_PORT>:80 -i -t <IMAGE_ID> /bin/bash


HOST_PORT(Ex: 8585) is where host system want to listen the PGA service. Inside container its running at port 80, but after running the container host system can use the delivered HOST_PORT

To check IMAGE_ID, use command “ docker images”

This will list all available images with image id and repository name.

How to test the container:

If running container was successful then host system can access the Airavata PGA service in the desired HOST_PORT. lets consider HOST_PORT is 8585 here,now open any browser window and type


You should be able to see the gateway interface.

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