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Jenkins swarm slave
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Jenkins Swarm Slave

From psharkey/toolbox with Jenkins Swarm capabilities.

Example Usage

A version of the V2 docker-compose example is avaliable to illustrate how this image can be used.

  1. Start the containters using docker-compose up -d
  2. Use docker ps -f name=jenkinsswarmslave_master_1 --format "{{.Ports}}" to find the address:port for Jenkins ( for the following example)-
    $ docker ps -f name=jenkinsswarmslave_master_1 --format "{{.Ports}}">8080/tcp
  3. Browse to (using the address:port from the previous step) and set the Jenkins URL to http://master:8080/ and hit Save
  4. A single slave with 5 executors should connect automatically.
  5. Use docker-compose scale slave=3 to see the 2 additional slaves.


When you're finished, use docker-compose stop and docker-compose rm to stop and remove the containers.

$ docker-compose stop
Stopping jenkinsswarmslave_slave_3 ... done
Stopping jenkinsswarmslave_slave_2 ... done
Stopping jenkinsswarmslave_master_1 ... done
Stopping jenkinsswarmslave_slave_1 ... done
$ docker-compose rm
Going to remove jenkinsswarmslave_slave_3, jenkinsswarmslave_slave_2, jenkinsswarmslave_master_1, jenkinsswarmslave_data_1, jenkinsswarmslave_slave_1
Are you sure? [yN] y
Removing jenkinsswarmslave_slave_3 ... done
Removing jenkinsswarmslave_slave_2 ... done
Removing jenkinsswarmslave_master_1 ... done
Removing jenkinsswarmslave_data_1 ... done
Removing jenkinsswarmslave_slave_1 ... done

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