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NetBeans 8.1 + JDK 1.8u71 bundle with unlimited strength policy jars
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Based on fgrehm/netbeans and dirichlet/netbeans but uses NetBeans 8.1 + JDK 1.8u71 bundle instead.

The following bash function example:

  • Determines the X11 host IP address (using the active machine)
  • Uses this IP address to set the DISPLAY environment variable
  • Sets the timezone
  • Creates volumes from a host 'Workspace'
      ACTIVE_MACHINE=$(docker-machine active)
      X11HOST="$(docker-machine inspect $ACTIVE_MACHINE \
          | grep HostOnlyCIDR \
          | awk '{print $2}' \
          | sed 's/"//g' \
          | cut -f1 -d"/")"
      docker run -d -it \
          -e DISPLAY=$X11HOST:0.0 \
          -e "TZ=America/Chicago" \
          -v $HOME/Workspace/.netbeans:/root/.netbeans \
          -v $HOME/Workspace/.m2:/root/.m2 \
          -v $HOME/Workspace/github/<your repo name>:/root/repo \
          --name netbeans \

Refer to psharkey/novnc for an alternative X11 configuration.
Refer to Dockerfile for building images with other versions. NetBeans 8.0.2 + JDK 1.7u80 is provided as an example alternative tag.

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