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FROM psiag/oracle-java:8u131 RUN groupadd -r jboss -g 1000 && useradd -u 1000 -r -g jboss -m -d /opt/jboss -s /sbin/nologin -c "JBoss user" jboss USER jboss WORKDIR /opt/jboss # Expose the ports we're interested in EXPOSE 8080 9990 8787 ENV JBOSS_HOME=/opt/jboss/wildfly WILDFLY_VERSION=11.0.0.Final RUN curl$WILDFLY_VERSION/wildfly-$WILDFLY_VERSION.tar.gz | tar zx && \ mv wildfly-$WILDFLY_VERSION wildfly # Set the default command to run on boot # This will boot WildFly in the standalone mode and bind to all interface CMD ["/opt/jboss/wildfly/bin/", "-b", "", "-bmanagement", "", "--debug"]
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